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Sunday, November 25, 2007

BCS Title, here we come.

Yeah, I realize this is a financial blog, but this is just too exciting for me to neglect to mention. The Missouri Tigers beat the #2 Kansas Jayhawks last night and for the first time since 1960 are the #1 football team in the nation. Words cannot express how huge this is. Nobody saw it coming.

Now, I have been a Tiger fan all my life, but like many others had avowed that Mizzou would forever put up a second-rate D1 football team. The border war last night changes everything. We are now on the main stage with the likes of LSU, Ohio State and USC. A win over Oklahoma next week puts Mizzou in the national championship. Could somebody please pinch me?

And rumor has it that the Heisman-contender that conducted last night's orchestra, Mr. Chase Daniel, is a finance major. Maybe he will take my course next semester...

This is huge for the sports fan in me, but I think its also good for the university in general. A big time football program gives the school a national presence and makes it easier to recruit quality faculty. In my field, we sometimes categorize finance programs based on the university's athletic conference affiliation - it gives the program an identity even if the relation between quality football teams and quality finance faculty is, well, dubious at best. At least this is the way it seems to me in my short career as an academic thus far.

Anyway, I am just so frickin proud to be living in this town of Columbia and attending the University of Missouri - I just had to say something. Sorry bout that. I'll get back to ruminating about Berkshire Hathway soon.


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