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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Warren Buffett Exposure

It sure seems Mr. Buffett is more willing than ever to appear publicly. Next week he will be on CNBC discussing the new letter to shareholders. Here is a link to details on that:

On March 14 (which is coincidentally my birthday) I will be accompanying 150 students from our college on the annual trip to Omaha. This is the largest group we have ever taken and, given the extraordinary events in the economy over the last year, should be one of most interesting question and answer sessions we have had. This year, I am coordinating the questions we will be asking ahead of time, to ensure we get the most information possible from this 90-minute session.

I post this in the hopes that the students participating in the trip watch the interviews next week so we don't unnecssarily duplicate questions from it. For that matter, do any other readers of this blog have any questions you would like us to ask Mr. Buffett? Please feel free to submit such questions via the comment feature on this blog.


  • Andy,
    You asked for suggestions on questions for Warren. He's said repeatedly that he wouldn't have achieved his success without several big ideas. One of the biggest ideas he and Charlie have had has been insurance float. My question is this: Besides insurance, what other small or large businesses create an opportunity similar to the float opportunity created in the insurance business? Is there any analogous opportunity? And, a related question, What would he say the biggest ideas, besides insurance gave him his success?

    By Blogger Elevation, at 04 March, 2008 18:23  

  • That is a great question. The one business that comes to mind is Blue Chip Stamps, although that no longer exists.

    By Blogger Andy Kern, at 05 March, 2008 07:20  

  • Good point. In trying to answer my own question I ran across an article making the point that he is using options in a similar manner as well...
    If you end up asking this question, let me know the answer! Will you be videoing the session and posting to youtube?

    By Blogger Hans, at 08 March, 2008 18:40  

  • no, unfortunately Mr. Buffett is very insistent that his Q&A sessions don't get recorded. We might get some video of other parts of the trip however.

    By Blogger Andy Kern, at 08 March, 2008 19:34  

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