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Friday, March 07, 2008

Empirical Finance Research Blog

If you are interested in financial research you may want to check out a new project I am starting with a friend of mine who is a PhD student at the University of Chicago. It is called Empirical Finance Research:
Our goal is to review for the non-academics any literature that may be of practical use to the investor. There still isn't much on the blog yet but expect more in the coming weeks.


  • Hey that is great work, it would be nice to be researching on a subject like that which will be useful to new traders or new finance as a subject.When I started trading, I found a useful set of quick training guides which helped a lot. They were free to view and took about 5 minutes to check out.

    By Blogger Tejaswi Grace Parker, at 12 March, 2008 05:19  

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